OpenSIMKit Version 1.0 Gulu Released

It’s been quite some time but over the recent weeks and months and dev cycles, the OSK project has matured quite a bit.  We’re now excited to share what we’ve been working on! Open SIM Kit (OSK) is a technology platform for sharing digital information using feature phones while removing mobile service providers as the [Read More]

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Update on the Development of OpenSIMKit

Our OpenSIMKit (OSK) is our project that aims to turn the world’s mobile feature phones into peer to peer communication devices. OSK allows users to hack the SIM cards of these feature phones to give them new functionality. Over the past few months we’ve been heads down focusing on building out our core software, testing with [Read More]

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World Justice Forum IV

The World Justice Forum IV will be held 8-11 July 2013, in The Hague, Netherlands. The World Justice Forum is designed to improve the state of the world by engaging business, government, civil society, academic and other leaders to develop practical, multidisciplinary programs to strengthen the rule of law. This global gathering will convene delegates [Read More]

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Securing Your Digital Perimeter

A lesson in online security from the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Truism of the day: Your digital perimeter is not secure. You know that. The question for journalists is what can you do right now to strengthen it? Are your editors and managing editors doing enough to help you? As my fellow Knight Fellow Melissa Chan, who was a [Read More]

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What is the HetNet?

HetNets (or heterogeneous networks) serve as a bridge of sorts to connect computers, mobile phones, and other devices that all have different means for communication to one another. For instance, if I use a USB modem to broadcast wifi from my MacBook, I’ve essentially created a local area HetNet. “The heterogeneous network, or HetNet, will [Read More]

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Sustainability vs. Resilience

This beautiful quote is from Andrew Zolli’s op-ed in the New York Times. Of course, he was referencing environmentalism and conservation, but it equally applies to the concepts of sustainability and resilience as it relates to development and humanitarian campaigns: Today, precisely because the world is so increasingly out of balance, the sustainability regime is [Read More]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Abayima and OSK

The response to our project has been overwhelmingly positive, but many of the questions seem to be based on a lot of preconceptions and erroneous assumptions. Our list of frequent questions addresses some of these here but you can also view a few of the questions and responses below: Is Abayima the name of a [Read More]

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Towards an Open Source SDK for SIM Hacking

Open SIM Kit (OSK) is a project that aims to become an open source SDK of sorts for hacking SIM cards. In practice, this allows users to modify the contents of SIM cards. The goals of the project: 1. To offer a GUI for programing SIMs (instead of doing it from the command line in [Read More]

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All About Abayima

Our presentation slides for the 2013 Knight News Challenge awards… A quick video explaining how the project uses our own Open SIM Kit for activism…

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Abayima wins in the 2012 Knight News Challenge!

The Abayima project began back in 2011 with frustration. The Ugandan presidential elections were coming up and people were both excited to make their voices heard, but fearful that what was becoming a heated debate between candidates would turn to something worse. Regardless of where they placed the blame, or which candidate they targeted their [Read More]

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